Monday, May 29, 2006

The Morning After!!!!!

I wake up to find the house and yard speckled with beer bottles, paper plates, 1/2 consumed drinks, and a confession that if I look around the corner of the house I will fine vomit (I have not looked). And with all that in mind, I can say that the picnic was a success!!! There was not any damage to the house or stuff that is inside, nobody tossed the dog in the hot tub, the police did not show up, and we saw the brake of dawn before we called it a night!!!

There was good food, and a lot of it! There was liqueur, and a lot of it! With the pluse of having someone around that knows how to mix it together (everone loves the partyes where there is a Bartenter around). There was music, not off the radio, but karaoke, play station style. And there was laughter as it was decided that I should change my last name to Pork, upon getting married. This would allow me to name my children things like Chop, and Honey Glazed.

And as you can see, A Good Time Was Had By All!!!!


Blogger ~Liz said...

Lets not forget Savory and Barbara Q. Pork.

Always a blast and so glad we got to make it and that I stayed to welcome in the dawn with everyone.

8:33 PM  

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